Summit of Mount McKinley

High Quality USA Made Gear.

Made in Seattle Washington each piece is hand crafted to last for years. Our unique pieces are warm, functional and great for anyone. We expect this fall to be one of our biggest and have spent these warm summer days building more gear than we've ever done before. Hats, mitts and packs are stacked up ready to ship out this fall and winter. Now is a great time to order up yourself something warm for the fall weather just around the corner. Stocked up and shipping out daily buy yourself a little bit of BlackRock Gear today.

Our sleekBlackRock Sport Pack has become a staple in the outdoor photographer's list. Simple, light, durable and well built this is a one of a kind pack for those serious about their gear in the field. Made out of weather resistant materials, waterproof zippers and designed to pack big and carry small.

The Original Down Beanie is an amazing piece of gear. A Quilted down filled hat that packs in anywhere this sub 1 ounce beanie almost floats away. So unique you'll find you can't wear it around town without telling everyone about it. Wear it under your bike helmet while commuting to work, take it for a hike or stuff it in your jeans pocket for a day around town our hat is truly one of a kind.

Over the last 5 years we've streamlined our mitt design into two popular models. The Foldback Mitts have a foldback finger box and lighter fill for using around camp. The Liner Mitts are simply the warmest and lightest insulating mitt you can get on the market. Packed to the cuff with down these ultralight mitts are good for sub-zero temps keeping those digits warm and functional while in the field.

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Feather Light - Rock Solid

Designed and made here in Seattle, each and every piece is built to last. As a small craft shop we build our gear based on demand and this time of year things start flying off the shelf.

Our new BRG Sport Pack is in and available in both liner colors but steadily moving out of the shop. We hope to have enough through the holiday season and on into spring, but don't wait if you've got an eye on one for Christmas.

Our flagship Black Rock Hat is currently available and shipping daily. Our top quality Black Rock Mitts are now shipping out for the up and coming hiking season. Whether your adding up miles on the PCT or trekking down the AT your gear list isn't complete without a piece of USA made BlackRock Gear.